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"How Will Healthcare Respond to Medical Cannabis in 2019?"

Updated: May 23, 2019

We’ve seen the recent evolution over the past few years of development with medical cannabis from the laboratory to the home patient user. What can we anticipate in 2019 as Cannabis goes mainstream!

Medical Cannabis is Integrative Healthcare?

What has changed in Healthcare has been the response from Patients eager to explore medical cannabis when traditional therapies have been exhausted. Is it possible to imagine healthcare working together in new progressive ways, as Patients demand new innovations and technologies that facilitate real time solutions as many have discovered using medical cannabis. Today in thirty three States and nine Countries we see adoption of some legalized form engaging markets with new complimentary therapies as we have seen through CBD and other compounds slowing emerging from underground.

What Physicians Believe Might Surprise You!

Did you know that you more Providers today seek the infusion of something promising through merging science and technology as they too are frustrated with the outcomes and seeing the reduction of Patient oversight and care. The landscape of integrative healthcare is vast and if adopted the chance to stay relevant and relatable in Patient and Consumer centered care is assured.

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