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About Us

Aegis Biotechnologies™ introduces StremHealth it is the first global mHealth/tele-health proprietary pre-clinical bio-informatics data repository, exchange and marketplace app and web platform for patients, providers, medical researcher labs, health drug manufacturers and continuing educators.

StremHealth™ is providing consumers & manufacturers with translated anonymized data converting into actionable insights between alternative and traditional health and wellness patient and provider research, advancing quality research analyzing the consistency of products, pills, and prescriptions throughout the evolutionary life cycle from novel formulas to existing products on the market ensuring safety, efficacy, and consistency while identifying those that are not effective through an experience-centric subscription model serving global health, home health, health, wellness manufacturers and consumers.

We believe our proprietary health science data and technology resolve multifaceted pain points within healthcare and wellness industries while gaining strong market integration, adoption, and engagement that provides scalability and sustainability advancing the cause of better research through our dedication to deliver results helping mitigate, treat, and cure diseases in the process.

Meet The Team

Amy Berliner


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Dr. Adam D. Richardson PhD

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Rae Helsel

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Nate Embrey

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Valery Sepulveda

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