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Aegis Biotechnologies™ – Multi - Divisions, One Mission

Aegis Biotechnologies is a biomedical and behavorial bioinformatic data and medical research company.


Healthcare is a field in which all work tends to Segway into other work.  What this means is that no area of healthcare is ever truly separate from the whole: the more we can do to synergize Alternative & Traditional healthcare with progressive technologies and products, the better we prepare and pave the future with Patients, Consumer, and Providers towards integrative progress. 


At Aegis, we have made it our mission to protect and defend health in multiple ways: Education through media to the science, innovative Blockchain technologies, advising, planning and anticipating formulations that further fuel our passion for Philanthropy.  


The Aegis Omni enterprise feeds our ecosystem with turnkey solutions responding to merging Patient and Consumer markets with safe services, products, and research.  Our solutions are designed to scale and sustain with our hyper-focus always on outcomes of Patients and Consumers, recognizing the value of meeting markets where they are, disabling the further disconnect between Patients, Providers and Consumer Brands.  


Drawing our name from the Greek word for "shield," we provide patients and providers access to medical science and technology never before developed or applied, with the innovative and cutting-edge health approach we have devised strategies to enable faster medical responses for today, not just tomorrow.  


We are evangelizing more effective medical advances, and we are donating 10% of all our proceeds into further private medical research through the Aegis Giving Tree Foundation dedicated to the research studies into Pediatric DIPG and other Neurodegenerative diseases.  We believe our research data matters as we capture and collect actionable insights translating them into innovative discoveries. 


The way we see it, all the verticals of the work that we do is equally important. Advising academics, healthcare professionals, government agencies and officials, and other experts in their respective fields of technology and healthcare consumer products, we are building a brighter future for all bridging integrative healthcare with safe, effective quality outcomes.


Meet The Team

Amy Berliner


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Dr. Adam D. Richardson PhD

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Rae Helsel

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Nate Embrey

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Valery Sepulveda

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